How do we keep safe in our capacity as a volunteer?

We want to minimise the risk for both volunteers and their neighbours so please take necessary precautions. We kindly request that you should not share any personal information in public groups. Every volunteer is advised to review the guidance before undertaking any activity in the community.

We recommend these excellent protocols from the Queercare network:

Is there a leaflet/flyer/postcard?

Yes, we have personalised the #ViralKindness leaflet. Contact your ward coordinator on the ward WhatsApp group to get access to leaflets. We will also be developing other materials such as A4 posters you can encourage people and businesses to display.

What about handling money?

The issue of cash is important: We would advise that, where possible, cash is not used and instead, methods such as PayPal or Bank Transfer are used. If cash must be used, please use a no contact method, placing the cash in a neutral place for pickup and it should be placed in a plastic bag or envelope for a few days as we are currently unsure of the possible hazards of spreading coronavirus by cash. We would also suggest that change is not exchanged. Finally, if money needs to change hands, we strongly advise that the volunteer purchases the items first and then the individual in need pays as this will ensure trust. If UK Government, PHE or WHO advice changes on cash handling we will update volunteers.

What if the person in need does not have money?

We suggest the volunteer gets in immediate contact with the Volunteer Support Team (VST) at so we can arrange provisions.

I am worried about passing on potentially harmful germs when leafleting or making shopping drops, what should I be doing to limit the risk?

We all need to take as many precautions as possible to limit risk to others. Please read these suggested protocols from the Queercare network:

Should I wear a face mask or face covering?

In England and Scotland, the governments are now advising that people should wear a face covering in enclosed spaces, where:

  • social distancing may not be possible
  • you may come into contact with people you don’t normally meet.
    Examples of where this could happen are public transport and some shops. Face masks are not currently recommended in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 2 or those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly. For example, primary age children unassisted, or those with respiratory conditions. For some people with asthma, wearing a face covering might not be easy. It could make it feel harder to breathe. The government has advised that people with respiratory conditions don’t need to wear face coverings, so if you are finding it hard, then don’t wear one.

Clinical face masks are used as part of personal protective equipment (PPE) and should only be used by healthcare workers and other workers in high-risk environments. If you’re comfortable to wear a face covering, please use a cloth or home-made one, not a medical type face mask. 

How can I secure the shopping needed for those vulnerable or self-isolating?

At the moment there is no preference – we just need to all help however we can. We are in contact with local foodbanks and organisations and have secured a partnership with The Local Dons Action Group. If, as a volunteer, or someone needing help, and you cannot source items, do contact our VST for more assistance. We have a list of small grocery businesses doing delivery here.

How do I organise a prescription collection/delivery?

Write down the name, address and D.O.B of your neighbour to be able to collect on their behalf. Calling ahead helps but doesn’t seem to be mandatory.

How do I join a WhatsApp group?

Follow this LINK which has a step by step process on how to volunteer and make the most impact on your community. It also has a map wherein you can press your ward to be linked to the respective WhatsApp group.

Which WhatsApp group should I join?

Our groups are organised by ward. If you are unsure which ward you are in, please follow this link.

What data is safe to share on WhatsApp?

Take care to limit the amount of personal data you share, these groups are joined by a link on the main FB page and you may not know every person on the group, we highly suggest that no full names, addresses, and other such data is posted and the ward coordinators will operate a zero-tolerance policy on this.

How do I report inappropriate behaviour on one of the WhatsApp groups?

Inappropriate behaviour or comments will not be tolerated. #BeKind. Each WhatsApp group has a local admin you can direct message if an issue, or you can flag up to the VST on

What are the shopping delivery options for those who are self-isolating?

We have created a list of small local grocery businesses doing delivery here.

What advice can I give about top-up prepaid gas/electricity meters?

We have created a list of helpful links and numbers to call here.

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