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Keeping our Community Safe

We are a local informal non-political community network of​’neighbours helping neighbours’​. We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe. As we are not a formal volunteering organisation or service, we do not have formal processes in place, however we all have a shared responsibility to follow all relevant personal safety and health advice from official and credible sources.

Considerations for all Volunteers

Volunteering in your community is your personal choice. Remember you should only do what you are personally comfortable with doing. If you are unsure please seek advice from a sensible source.

Do not under any circumstance share the personal information of others online or in WhatsApp groups. This includes full names, addresses or any other information of a sensitive nature.

Do not post information that does not come from credible sources on the Facebook group or in WhatsApp groups – this only further causes panic and confusion.   

Always follow health advice to keep yourself safe and ensure you are not adding to the spread of Covid-19.

Considerations for Ward Organisers

We have Ward Organisers covering the 20 wards across Merton. Ward organisers aim to:   

● Allocate specific local roads to volunteers in each ward so as to avoid duplication

● Ensure the personal information of community members or volunteers is not shared online or within WhatsApp group chats (e.g. full names, addresses, etc)

● Check in and support ward volunteers as appropriate

● Work together with other ward organisers to support each other

Ward organisers are not expected to vet each volunteer, supervise each volunteering activity.

Signposting and Referrals

Please ensure that you have consent of the person that you are making a referral on behalf of​.  

For basic supplies and needs we can direct neighbours to local charities. If you are unsure, please escalate to members of our support team of volunteers who have the direct link to voluntary and professional social   services and will aim to help you as best as we can. Our Facebook administrators, moderators or your ward coordinator will have information on how to do this.

Merton Voluntary Service Council has set up a Coronavirus Support Helpline which we can access by calling 020 8685 2272.

For safeguarding concerns (when someone is at risk of harm to themselves or others around them) these can be referred to Merton Council, as follows:

● For Adult Social Care, Monday to Friday 9.30am -1.30pm, 020 8545 4388 or email 

● For out of Hours: 0845 618 9762 (for safeguarding or high risk)

● For emergencies call 999. For non-urgent police requests call 101, non-urgent NHS requests call 111

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