Why was Merton Covid-19 Mutual Aid formed?

The group was set up on 15t​h March 2020 joining the umbrella organisation of the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK movement.

  • We are a local informal non-political community group of neighbours helping neighbours.
  • We are coordinating with local community groups, charities, Merton Council, AFC Wimbledon and others to provide support in the local community, particularly for the elderly, vulnerable and those self-isolating that need our support over the coming weeks and months.

How can I get I request assistance?

Complete the form on our website or email our Volunteer Support Team (VST) on ​vst@mertonmutualaid.co.uk.

How can I relay useful information?

Please email it to ​vst@mertonmutualaid.co.uk and quote an official source (ideally website etc) so we can verify the information.

Can we donate funds?

We do not directly have a Merton Mutual Aid Group fundraiser set up, but we have partnered with The Local Dons Action Group in coordination with Old Ruts and AFC Wimbledon to support their fundraiser and foodbank service. Click here to donate.

We also suggest donating to the Wimbledon Foodbank, food for St Georges Critical Care team, and other such notable local causes.

I’ve received a leaflet from you – what do I do?

The leaflet includes details of your local volunteer who should be a neighbour of yours. Do get in touch with them if you need anything and they will try to assist.

What is your plan now that going outside is restricted?

We are currently in touch with Merton Council about what these new restrictions mean for us. We have paused distributing leaflets for the moment. We will continue to offer assistance i.e. shopping however some volunteers might not be comfortable providing services since the new restrictions were introduced by the Government on 24th March. We ask that these volunteers update their ward coordinator who will try to find a replacement.

Do you have a volunteers’ database?

We do not have a centrally kept volunteers database, this is being handled at a local level within the WhatsApp groups. We do retain a general database of those who have filled out our form on AirTable. You can read our privacy policy at ​www.mertonmutualaid.co.uk/privacy-policy​.
Please email support@mertonmutualaid.co.uk if you wish to opt out at any time.

Are volunteers DBS checked?

Merton Mutual Aid is just a network of neighbours helping neighbours, so we operate on local trust and mutual support. Please be vigilant of those attempting to scam others and do not invite any stranger into your house. Our volunteers are all aware that any assistance/provisions must be left at your doorstep/safe place. You could ask for ID to confirm the individual is a neighbour i.e. drivers licence, letter with their name/address etc.

I have a concern about someone’s wellbeing, what should I do?

At the moment, we have been advised that council services are operating at a normal capacity. We are in contact with the council through our Volunteer Support Team so please contact the VST at  vst@mertonmutualaid.co.uk  with your concerns. Further information is available via our safeguarding guidance document on our website along with contact details for relevant organisations. If you feel someone is in immediate danger please call 111 or 999 if it is an emergency.

Further to this, a group of Merton-based professionals have set up a mental wellbeing Facebook group 

What is the latest advice on Covid-19 coronavirus?

Things are changing so rapidly – we suggest you always use trusted sources of information such as UK government, Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England and WHO. You can also receive information from trusted news sources.

Why are you not allowing posts about coronavirus (COVID-19) stories online?

In our group, the focus is on neighbours helping neighbours, and to communicate positive messages to support our community. There are many unconfirmed news stories that create fear, uncertainty or confusion, and this group is not the place for such posts.

What are my shopping delivery options if I am self-isolating?

We have created a list of small local grocery businesses doing delivery ​here​.

What advice can I get advice on topping up my gas/electricity meter?

We have created a list of helpful links and numbers to call ​here​.

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