Merton Mutual Aid

A community of neighbours helping neighbours

Team collaboration

Have a couple of free hours to spare, want to help the communities?

There are multiple ways in which you could help, arranging for delivieries, picking up shopping, calling isolated people.

Do you need help or support?

PLEASE do not be ashamed to ask for support. We will all need support during this crisis and equally we are very happy to be able to offer support.

Empty shopping cart

Merton mutual aid donnation

Don’t have any spare time but still want to help?

A large number of local organisations are looking for donations and financial support.

Urgent needs

Donate laptops

Spare laptops

Dons Local Action Group are looking for spare tablets and laptops to support homeless children in temporary accomodation. If you have any with a power cable, please fill in the form.


PPE shortage

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, SHIELD campaigns are united in addressing shortages of PPE across the UK and providing healthcare workers with the vital PPE they require to do their job safely, right now.


Many thanks to volunteer E. for bringing a bag of groceries that we can't fetch ourselves.
Such cheerful kindness, such warm-hearted friendliness!
Now she and we can wave from pavement to window and back again.
Just to say what a wonderful job you’re all doing and how much I appreciate C. who has been doing my shopping and pharmacy collections. I have three medical conditions that put me in the high risk category so this help is both essential and invaluable to me. Bless you all ❤️.
Today we have received help from a volunteer A., who went out and done the shopping for us. We are all touched for what she have done. We want to also thank you this webpage and Andrea for making this happen. There are great people out there who’s willing to help others. This also give us encourage to help others when ever help are needed. We want to thank all of the volunteers out there, God bless all.
B's family

Share your stories

We are looking for your stories, big and small, of what you have been doing or or your experiencie with Merton Mutual Aid.

Latest news

Merton Mutual Aid Bake

Merton Bake Off

We want everyone to keep feeling connected during this time and what better way than some friendly competition? Post a photo of your best quarantine bake in the comments (anything from biscuits to trifles and back) and we'll announce our winner Sunday May 10th !

Judgement based on looks only of course, we trust that they all taste amazing 

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