Merton Mutual Aid

Neighbours helping neighbours

Merton Mutual Aid is a politically-neutral network of volunteers in the London Borough of Merton formed to help vulnerable neighbours who facing quarantine and isolation during the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020.

We are a community network of ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ – not a formal organisation.

Our aims are:

  • to provide food and supplies
  • to reduce social isolation and loneliness 


Many thanks to volunteer E. for bringing a bag of groceries that we can't fetch ourselves.
Such cheerful kindness, such warm-hearted friendliness!
Now she and we can wave from pavement to window and back again.
Just to say what a wonderful job you’re all doing and how much I appreciate C. who has been doing my shopping and pharmacy collections. I have three medical conditions that put me in the high risk category so this help is both essential and invaluable to me. Bless you all ❤️.
Today we have received help from a volunteer A., who went out and done the shopping for us. We are all touched for what she have done. We want to also thank you this webpage and Andrea for making this happen. There are great people out there who’s willing to help others. This also give us encourage to help others when ever help are needed. We want to thank all of the volunteers out there, God bless all.
B's family

Our amazing partners

Supporting NHS


Merton Mutal Aid and Rustom delivered a car load of goodies for @KingstonGasDocs, @khfttheatres; and @Kingston_ICU on April 17th.

Merton mutual aid - Food donations

Local NHS

Thanks to donations and volunteers from our group we were able to deliver these items to local NHS staff.

Merton Mutal Aid helping NHS

St Georges

With the help of @DonsLocalAction and lots of donations from the people of Merton, Zak delivered all this to @StGeorgesTrust for staff on March 30th.

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